A tribute to my partner and co-author

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A tribute to my partner and co-author

Sean Terrill
Is anyone listening, does anyone care?

The truth you seek, this is all i ask,
so please listen to the fore-mentioned task.
If you care, then to you i say,
find your peace, find your way.
Learn the ways of LOVE.
But first you must behold life with respect,
For it is written, just like the pure dove.

I have a question, and this is what i cry - WHY?

Why is humankind so blind, ignorant and cruel?
Must we meet our match, and finally finish this duel?
Pain and suffering should end and become sparce,
as materialism and greed is recognised as a farce.
It's not any easy understanding, many of you would cry.
If only man understood why he continues to lie.

The remembrance will continue, until this domain,
has seen every creature successfully slain.
For in the end he shall realise his ways,
as his home and his planet is in ruins where it lays.
Begin to understand why so many of fail to comprehend,
for it is in this way which shall bring about their end.

There are those that you thank, and others whom you blame,
and without this projection, you would face your shame.
For you see, your soul, it is a gift of life,
so use it when in need, or facing the deepest of strife.
Complementing existence is the notion of LOVE,
so come on everybody, let's give each other a shove.

My princess accepted me for who i am,
and now all i have left is me.
Her companionship was mine to enjoy,
it was unconditional and free.
I will always remember what Lisa and i maintained,
the LOVE we shared is eternal, and it cannot be contained.

Looking back and reflecting upon the Almighy's decision,
to evolve humankind through a higher transition,
i must stop and wonder if you'll ever understand,
that life is a reward ... ... ... and not a demand.

R.I.P. Lisa Helen Finnerty.
Damm that Leukemia.
Sean Hayden Terrill
Rock on!
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Re: A tribute to my partner and co-author

Jacci Turner
I'm so sorry for your loss!
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Re: A tribute to my partner and co-author

romanie brooke
A beautiful and heartfelt poem in memory of your partner. Cherish the good memories, those cannot be taken from you.