Holy Terror (Wynn Garrett Series #2)

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Holy Terror (Wynn Garrett Series #2)


HOLY TERROR (Wynn Garrett Series #2)

by Bruce A. Borders

Wynn Garrett is back, terrorizing the terrorists!

Muhammad Shaweh, a deranged lunatic who believes himself to be the reincarnated prophet of Islam, is one of five Islamic Caliphs behind the Death To America terrorist organization. When co-directors of the Anti-terrorist Operation, Thomas Wardahl and Richard Scorby, get wind of the religious leaders’ campaign, they respond by sending Wynn Garrett to eliminate the threat. The assignment takes the lone operative to the Nevada desert where he discovers a well-organized, well-funded terrorist training center. A target himself, Wynn Garrett wages his own holy war in an effort to destroy the entire terrorist camp. A brave man, a noble cause, a heroic plan, but will it work?

“My favorite new series!”

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The Wynn Garrett Series ebooks are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo. Paperback editions available at BruceABordersBooks.com.

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