Times of Trial: an End Times novel (Book 2) by Cliff Ball

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Times of Trial: an End Times novel (Book 2) by Cliff Ball

Times of Trial: an End Times novel (Book 2), which is my 7th novel overall.

This novel is a parallel novel to Times of Trouble.

A preacher and his family, the Tyler’s, have a church that is dying in Arizona, and they take care of the remaining seniors who are members, including the ones in nursing homes or in hospice. The remaining family, the White’s, leave the same church and head to Wyoming to live in a community that was originally started by Doomsday Preppers back in the early 2000′s so they can attempt to escape the increasing persecution of Christians.

Meanwhile, President Collins orders the activation of Camps across the country that will house believers who he thinks are a threat to his rule, while money for the project is supplied by his mentor, Michael Evans. The Tyler’s end up with others in a Camp in Arizona, while the White’s and the community they live in get attacked by the government. Other events happen that also occur in Times of Trouble, while Evans continues to manipulate events as the Rapture takes the Christians, and he gains ultimate power.

Author website: http://www.cliffball.net